Theory makes traffic safe

Theory certificate is needed when you want to take your exam. It is highly advised to do the exam a few weeks before your practical exam. The reason here fore is that the certificate is only valid for 1,5 year. The theory test will take about one hour.

You will receive a total of 65 questions, of which you must get 48 correct.

These questions consist of:

Hazard perception: 25 hazard perception questions of which 13 must be correct (8 seconds per question).
Knowledge: 12 knowledge questions of which 10 must be correct (7 minutes for the whole part).
Insight: 28 insight questions of which 25 must be correct (15 minutes for the whole part).

To be well prepared, you will receive a free online theory course from Vekabest when you register!

ONLINE THEORIE GESPREID BETALEN We also provide emergency training in 2 to 8 weeks!