Package Lessons

Package lessons in all shapes and sizes

Driving School Society offers various teaching packages. This gives you several options to follow. A wide range of teaching packages has been drawn up. You can choose from Student packages, Discount packages, Guarantee packages and Total packages. These in turn are available in a number of variations. In addition to purchasing a lesson package, you can of course take separate driving lessons.

Student packages

Our popular Student Packages have a very attractive price of € 38 per hour instead of € 50! We understand that studying and taking driving lessons can be an intensive activity. We at Society respond to this conveniently by offering tailor-made driving lessons.

Discount packages

We also have a competitive offer for non-students! A Discount Package is a lesson package where you receive a discount on the hourly rate. The larger the package, the lower the hourly rate. A Discount Package has an hour rate between €44 and €47.

Warranty packages

If you want to go for more exam certainty, we recommend a Guarantee Package. A Guarantee Package has 1 free re-exam included. If you have not passed in 1 time, the driving school will pay 1 free re-exam worth 260 € (provided only when driving a minimum of 4 lessons of 1.5 hours between the exams).

Total packages

Finally, we have the Total Packages. Here you benefit from the combination Guarantee lesson Package and Discount Package. This package includes an hourly rate of € 48.00 + 1 free re-exam if you have not passed in one time. Unlike the above teaching packages, a Total Package includes an Interim Test.

A small summary:

  • Student packages € 38 instead of € 50
  • Discount packages from € 44 instead of € 50
  • Guarantee packages with 1 free re-exam
  • Total package = combination Guarantee and Advantage + Interim Test + € 48 instead of € 50
ONLINE THEORIE GESPREID BETALEN We also provide emergency training in 2 to 8 weeks!