Driving Lessons

Driving lessonsĀ inĀ Amstelveen and surrounding…

Are you 16,5 or older and wants the opportunity to take driving lessons? Traffic School Society is the right place for you! We have a wide range of lesson packages to offer as individual lessons. You drive always in the same car with the same instructor. The instructor keeps the progress on an instruction card. It is not required to have a theory certificate before starting driving lessons. But its better you understand the rules before you sit behind the steering wheel.

The first driving lesson begins with an intake session. Using this lesson, the instructor will give a consultation which education suits you the best. The moment when you have your theory in your pocket, you can opt for an interim test at the CBR. Once you have done this you will have depending of the result of the interim test almost officially ready for the exam. When you have your theory in your pocket, you can choose for an interim test at the CBR. After this you can apply for an practical exam. You need A social security number (Citizen Service Number ), A separate medical declaration (health) and An authorization number (DigiD).

ONLINE THEORIE GESPREID BETALEN We also provide emergency training in 2 to 8 weeks!