Driving Lessons

Driving lessons Amstelveen and surrounding

After you have turned 16.5 years old, you can finally start getting driving lessons. We at Society understand that it is very exciting and that it can be sometimes difficult to choose which package suits you. You can choose from various teaching packages such as Student Packages, Discount Packages, Guarantee Packages and Total Packages.

In addition to teaching packages, we also offer individual lessons for those who don’t want a teaching package. You will always drive the same car with the same instructor. The driving instructor notes everything on an instruction card and also goes through it with you at the beginning and end of each driving lesson. This is to keep an eye on the progress of the driving process.

Theory knowledge

To start with driving lessons, it is not required to have a theory certificate. Especially in the beginning you are mainly focused on learning driving the car. After you have completed phase 1 of the process, phase 2 starts, and that is the outside work.

However, we recommend that you start with theory before or during the driving education. The better you understand the rules, the more focus you can put into other things. To be well prepared, you will receive a free online theory course from Vekabest when you register!

How does a first driving lesson (Trial lesson) work?

After making an appointment, you will be introduced to the car and driving instructor. You will set out for an hour and a half to explore driving. The driving instructor will introduce you step by step to the car and traffic situations.

Based on this intake lesson, the driving instructor will give you advice which training suits you best and approximately how many hours you will need to complete the driving education successfully! It will also be recommended to include the Interim Test, but it is not mandatory.

ONLINE THEORIE GESPREID BETALEN We also provide emergency training in 2 to 8 weeks!